1. We will tailor the design process to you.

Even the point at which it begins – are we tearing down your old house to build in its place? Or do you need a lot? We can use our network to help you look for a building site. Do you have a style? If you want something very contemporary, we would build a team with an architect who loves contemporary. Suppose your style is American Craftsman, or something else – we can engage just the right creative architect. If you want a plan that’s basically just like your cousin Suzie’s house drawn up in a hurry, that can be done as well. And if you already have plans prepared, we’re happy to take a look and let you know whether we would build them as they are.

2. You may deal with just those design decisions that you want to make.

The building process includes making a myriad of selections and decisions, mostly on a schedule. Those decisions will have implications on the “feel” of the finished product and your satisfaction with it. You may prefer to make every one of those decisions. Alternatively, we can engage design professionals to help make them, potentially making the process more enjoyable for you. With some of our competitors, the design and selection process is much more constrained. We won’t ask you to “choose one out of these five.” To us, “custom” pretty much means custom.

3. We are dedicated to ensuring that the structural and mechanical elements of your home are wisely and correctly planned, specified, installed, and completed.

Here are some items we pay attention to, so you don’t have to:

  • Plan conformity to codes and applicable ordinances
  • Site elevation and drainage
  • Foundation compatibility with specific site and soil conditions
  • Structural design and framing integrity
  • Thermal envelope design
  • Low maintenance exterior material selections
  • Moisture control in wall and roof assemblies
  • Energy efficiency
  • Resource efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Heating and air conditioning design
  • Indoor air quality
  • Noise attenuation features
  • Properly designed electrical gear and capacities
  • Security design
  • High wind resistance

And here are some optional items we can include in your home:

  • Advanced, sustainable green features, including renewable energy features
  • Backup power generation
  • Safe Room
  • Wine room
  • Controls and smart house features
  • Lightning protection
  • Alternative construction materials for a specific objective
  • Enhanced indoor air quality for allergic sensitivities
  • Enhanced noise attenuation features
  • Design features to accommodate mobility impairment
  • Design features to accommodate visual impairment